A Season Greeting From

Yoshiyuki & Megumi,

A Song Called


The Uranus Show Schedule


Feb 27 Shimokitazawa 440

June 10 Happy Music & Pets Vol.0

July 1 Shimokitazawa 440

Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi Solo Show Schedule


Feb 04 Nagoya Spazio Rita

Mar 21 Shimokitazawa lete

Sep 23 Shimokitazawa lete

Dec 27 Shimokitazawa lete


A New Song of Yoshiyuki & Megumi. [Dec.02.2018]

New Gigs of Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi. [Nov.03.2018] ]

New Gigs of Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi. [Aug.16.2018] ]

Defect Info Added.[July.04.2018]

‘Go to the Sea’ Page Updated.[June.10.2018]

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Your sweet gentle face

I picture in the candlelight

It was such a beautiful night

Your charming singing voice

I hear in my empty heart

It was such a very merry time

You always asked why the sky is so blue

You always asked why this star was chosen

I said nothing but tried to think with you

Then suddenly, you’d gone away

Your cute angelic smile

I remember in the holy night

It was such a silent night, a silent night

八橋義幸 Solo Live

Open 19:00 / Start 20:00
Charge 予約 ¥2,500 + drink / 当日 ¥2,800 + drink