The end of summer,   the beginning of fall

2 days at lete.

We thank you

so, so much.

See you again!


New gig announced. [Sept 05.2020]

New page Studio Acht  Added. [Aug.04.2020]

New gig announced. [July 20.2020]

New gig announced. [June 24.2020]

New videos added. [May 11.2020]

New gig cancelled. [Apr 14.2020]

New gig announced. [Mar 22.2020]

New song 'Oh, Baby' added. [Mar 19.2020]

New gig announced. [Feb 22.2020]

New album by Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi is announced.[May 26.2019]

The Uranus Show Schedule


May 10 Yoyogi Zher the ZOO [Cancelled}

Yoshiyuki & Megumi Show Schedule


Sept 23 Shimokitazawa lete

Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi Solo Show Schedule


Mar 21 Shimokitazawa lete

July 10 Shimokitazawa lete

Sept 22 Shimokitazawa lete


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