Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi

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To Another City

1. To Another City

2. Apollo

3. Dance of the Ants

4. Toy Base

5. Another World

6. A Flying Moth

Available on June 23.2019


主なサポートミュージシャンはSuperflyBONNIE PINK、堂島孝平、


主なアレンジ作品はSuperflyLilyの祈り」、BONNIE PINKHeartbeat (ミニアルバム)」、松室政哉「Matenro」、瀧川ありさ「赤いスニーカー」、絢香「繋がる心」など。

2019年ソロアルバム「To Another City」を発表。

In addition to his activities with The Uranus, he works as a support guitarist and arranger for many artists. He has performed on stage with musicians such as Superfly, BONNIE PINK, Kohei Dojima, Yasuyuki Horigome, Yuji Nakada, and JUNNA. His arranged works include Superfly’s “Lily no Inori,” BONNIE PINK’s “Heartbeat (mini album),” Seiya Matsumuro’s “Matenro,” Alisa Takigawa’s “Akai Sneaker,” Ayaka’s “Tsunagaru Kokoro,” among others.

In 2019, he released his solo album “To Another City.”