The Uranus

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その後ベーシスト岩崎なおみ、ドラマー西野真純が参加。The Uranusとして活動。

ゲストを迎えたコラボ形式や、大編成Uranus Unitedでの演奏形態も試みる。

一方、八橋ソロでのライブではThe Uranusの楽曲を中心に演奏。

2018年、7thアルバム「Go to the Sea」を発表。


Go to the Sea

1. Can You See the Spire?

2. A Family Tale

3. Guardian

4. Teenage Dream

5. Sway and Rock

6. Banished

7. Discharge It

8. Monologue

9. Evening Dew

Released on Jul.01.2018

Carve It In The Stone

1. Forgiveness 

2. Seven or More?

3. They Are Afraid Of Her

4. Haunted

5. Carve It in the Stone

6. Say It Again

Released on Jun.26.2014

Fall Down

1. Then, at That Time 

2. Fall Down

3. Mountain Peak

4. Wait for Another Wind to Blow

5. In Dublin

6. Song for the Lost

Released on May.22.2014

Twist, Shout a Chant

1. Twist, Shout a Chant

2. The Appalachians

3. Jackal

4. Sheltering Snow

5. Stranger Blues

6. Stay in the Light

Released on Apr.03.2013

Till It Becomes Ruins

1.The Great Deceiver

2.Lee Harvey

3.So Far

4.Till It Becomes Ruins

5.The Rover

Released on Jun.03.2012



2.To the Cape

3.Minute Changes

4.Old Hymn


Released on Jan.14.2012

Iron Age

1.Iron Age


3.Just Like Honey


5.End of the Desert

Released on Feb.20.2008