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1. Candlelight

2. Sparkles [Live at FU-CHI-KU-CHI]

3. Candlelight [Acoustic Demo]

Yoshiyuki & Megumi

Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi - guitars and vocals 

Megumi Mashiro - drums and vocals  

Music & Lyrics by Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi

Lyrics supervised by Lisa Kimura

All tracks recorded by Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi at Studio Acht

Mixed and Mastered by Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi at Studio Acht

Artwork by Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi

BR-24 ¥1,000

Released on February 01.2019

1. Candlelight

Your sweet gentle face

I picture in the candlelight

It was such a beautiful night

Your charming singing voice

I hear in my empty heart

It was such a very merry time

You always asked why the sky is so blue

You always asked why this star was chosen

I said nothing but tried to think with you

Then suddenly, you’d gone away

Your cute angelic smile

I remember in the holy night

It was such a silent night, a silent night